Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Post-it

I gave my blog its title because I often feel my life is mapped out on Post-its. It could be anything from to-do lists, grocery lists, phone numbers, messages, directions to someone's house, a tag on a favorite idea or recipe from a magazine, or a love note to my husband. But, really, does one person/household really need this many Post-its? I could probably find more, too, if I dug through my boxes of teaching stuff stored in the basement. Maybe having an over abundance of Post-its just comes along with a teaching degree. I would venture to say that I didn't even purchase most of these. They just seem to accumulate whether they were stocking stuffers or freebies from the bank or ones that I picked up from a hotel that I stayed at. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I love Post-its. I would have forgotten some very important things had the Post-it not been invented.


Ben said...

For the record- half of those are mine!

Sara said...

Not really. I only got one regular sized, one med. and two little tabs from your desk!

Bekah said...

What a funny observation about yourself... now that I think of it, I've received quite a few post-its from you in my lifetime... you also seem to have a large collection of just general notepads. But then, 'Life on a General Notepad' is not nearly as cute.

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