Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Smug Pregos

Any of you who are familiar with Bridget Jone's Diary are familiar with Smug Marrieds. They act confidently superior toward any single, unattached person and are probably trying to match-make among all their single friends in order to perpetuate their supposed bliss. Well, I've discovered that, along with Smug Marrieds, there are Smug Pregos in the world. Smug Pregos are friends who are pregnant and never let you forget it. They have taken their happiness and excitement a little too far. You hear about all aspects and ailments of pregnancy in any and all topics of conversation. Trying to steer conversation to anything other than imminent motherhood utterly fails until you just give up and let them ramble and repeat, asking a few pertinent questions while inserting nods in all the right places.
Sara: Did you hear the wind howling last night? I just couldn't fall asleep.
SP: I couldn't sleep either. I kept tossing and turning. I just can't get comfortable anymore
with my growing belly.
Sara: I just finished this great novel. It's widely acclaimed and has such a unique viewpoint.
SP: Oh, I don't read anything but baby books. Only six more months until Junior arrives,
and I must be up on the latest parenting trends.
Sara: I started a new diet for the New Year so that I can fit in the dress for the wedding I'm
in this summer.
SP: I know what you mean. I'm just fat, fat, fat. Yesterday I made a cake and ate the whole
thing. I'm hungry all the time. I think I'll run by McDonald's on the way home and then
order pizza for dinner. Do you want to come over for ice cream later? I have four flavors
in the freezer. I just love this eating for two thing!
Sara: *sigh* So, how was your last doctor's visit?
SP: Wonderful! I just happen to have my ultrasound picture in my purse....
If and when I get pregnant, I will be excited but as un-smug as possible.


Bekah said...

He he - this is perfect! Maybe you need to write BJ III (Not Pregnant in America)!

Amy said...

haha...I completely understand. And I love your little conversations back and forth. PS if you ever want to watch either of the Briget Jones Movies let me know...I own both...very hilarious. Oh and PPS if you like the Briget Jones books/movies the author also wrote another book Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination. Not as good as BJ but still very funny.

neely_photo said...

This really resonates with me. I stuck my foot in my mouth once (I asked when someone was going to have kids and they said they were unable to) and I try so hard now to be aware of what I'm saying. We're having our own share of prego issues so I can relate now.

Havens Family said...


Laura said...

haha, you make me laugh! You are as un smug as possible now! And, you have twice the babies to be talking about!

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